The Prodigal God

Most of us have read The Parable (Luke 15). Many of us could give a summary of what that Parable was about. Most of us know the meaning and the true message of The Parable, right? It’s about how a father welcomes his younger son back with loving arms, right? Well, if you were like me, before I took a deeper look at it, then yes. This story is not just about the younger son. It is about how both of the fathers sons are spiritually lost, both of their lives are at dead ends, and all that they thought about how to connect to God was wrong. I said it, wrong!

How crazy, I thought when reading, that the elder brothers life was just as in danger as the younger. I could identify more with the elder brother. He stayed closer to his family, obey parental standards, and over all a parent-pleaser. The elder brother saves his wealth and works hard. The younger brother wants his share of the estate. Once he has it, he leaves and spends it all! I mean, looking at this, the elder brother has this one in the bag!! Wrong!

When the Parable starts, the scene displayed is two groups of people. The tax collectors and the Pharisees and the teachers of the law. The Pharisees were also called the “sinners”. Wouldn’t the tax collectors be the people most in need of God? As I stated in the paragraph above, both groups are in need. You may be wondering to yourself, how could this be? If you follow the Bible and the laws, doesn’t that make you a better person? All that I thought I knew regarding my connection with God, was wrong up until now. So what is the real message here? Jesus wants to show this group of people their blindness, narrowness and self-righteousness are destroying their lives. To be more correct, it was destroying their souls and the people around them. It takes work everyday to connect with God.

Just because I read my Bible yesterday, does not mean that I do not need to read it today. I feel sin working in my life everyday. That is why I need a does of God everyday. I am far from perfect, and the sooner I realized that, the sooner I fell to my knees. Here is a prime example of just how imperfect I am. I am embarrassed to share that, I read “Fifty Shades of Gray”. I thought that it was okay considering, I go to Church and pray…I am still a good person. A friend pointed out that on my Facebook, I had “Liked” a “Fifty Shades of Gray” page. I was super embarrassed. I could not believe I had been so careless with my mouse clicking. I did not even give it a second thought. I corrected this mistake right away. Something like this, I feel, taints my character; that is the last thing I want. The devil has used the same tricks for centuries. He knows when and how to creep in. It helps to be surrounded by people who keep you grounded.

To end, here is a prayer that I found helpful as a reminder that we are all in need:

Good morning Lord, you have ushered in another beautiful day, untouched and freshly new.

So I come Dear Father, to ask you if you’ll renew me too.

Forgive the many errors that I made yesterday, but help me walk Dear Father, closer in your way.

For Father I am well aware I can’t make it on my own so take my hands and hold them close, for we can’t walk alone.

-The Organic Christian


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